Pirate Coronation Party 

Postponed until January 2020

 Court Requirements

The Royal Court Committee will announce the King and Queen for each new season.  They will be presented at the Coronation Party to the entire Krewe.

The King and Queen may select their Honor Guard.  However, the list of the potential honor guard must be approved by the court committee prior to them being told of their appointment.  Honor Guard members must be a krewe member in good standing.  If they are not a member, they must join before the inspection ball.

Captain Johnson's Crew is made of of the previous years king, queen and honor guard.  They also must be members in good standing.

Jean Lafitte may select his brothers, but they also must be approved by the committee and be a member in good standing before the Inspection Ball.

Each court member will ride in the parade and purchase throws from the Krewe.

Court members pay for their own costumes and props.  They must coordinate with the King and Queen on the coloring of their costumes.

To be on the Court, you must attend:

Inspection Ball

Lundi Gras Parade

Pirate Day in the Bay

The Seahorse Open

Be available for special events or promotions as much as possible

Attend Krewe membership socials each month as much as possible

Represent the Krewe of the Seahorse in a manner that follows the mission of the Krewe

King & Queen Requirements

The King and Queen pick the theme/slogan for the crew, which is then approved by the court committee.  They also each have their own pin/symbol to represent themselves.  Each must purchase their own costumes, crowns, and scepters which must include:

Inspection Ball

Parade Costume- Can be the same as the Inspection Ball costume

Pirate Costume.  Should be able to wear in winter and summer.

Captain Johnson and his Crew

Captain Johnson is the previous years King.  His crew is made up of the previous years queen and the royal court.  They are responsible for purchasing their own costumes and should be in the same color scheme as the King and Queen.

Captain Johnson and his crew are responsible for coordinating the set up and clean up of the krewe events to include the Inspection Ball, Pirate Day in the Bay, Seahorse Open and Lundi Gras parade.

Ms. Claiborne

Ms. Claiborne is an important member of the court as the position makes her the Chair of the Hospitality Committee for the Inspection Ball and for Pirate Day in the Bay events.

Lafitte Brothers

The Lafitte Brothers are Jean, Pierre, and Alexander.  They are there when the Mystic Krewe of the Seahorse needs them for help at any event.  They are a rambunctious group of guys who love to have fun and consume lots of rum.

Honor Guard

Selected by the King and Queen, the Honor Guard wear the same color scheme as their leaders.  The Honor Guard is responsible for assisting the King and Queen in all the events throughout the year.

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