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Annual Pirate Beach Invasion 

Grab yer beach gear & get ready fer t' MKOTSH "Pirate Float"!  A fun day at t' beach in Bay St. Louis, between t' Bay bridge & t' Bay harbor.  Come by sea (boat) orrrr by land (t' beach), lather up yer sunsreen, float in t' Bay or park yer chair at t' beach!  Bring yer own grog & snacks...orrrr bring a snack t' be shared under t' MKOTSH snack tent which will offer water fer all!   Wear yer best pirate beach attire and bring yer mates, all are welcome fer a fun pirate beach day in t' sun!  Come join t' merriment!

August 25, 2024 - Kicks off at 12 pm


MKOTSH is always trying to bring pirating fun and "fun-raising" to Hancock County!  This is purely a fun day of pirating at the beach.  We love to meet new people!  Please consider becoming a member!  We have great fun all year long and raise big pirate bucks for our community...that's what we arrrrrr all about!

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